How far does a projector have to be from a 120 screen?

There is no denying that a large screen will significantly impact your viewing experience. It would be great to play games or watch your favorite movies on the 120-inch monitor for home entertainment.

Like other large screens, you will need to consider many factors to choose an appropriate sitting distance in front of this monitor.

Today, we will discuss “how far does a projector have to be from a 120 screen” to get the most out of your viewing experience.

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How Far Does a Projector Have to Be From a 120 Screen?

How far does a projector have to be from a 120 screen?
Ideal distance from 161 to 227 inches

You should sit between 161 and 227 inches away from 120-inch screens, with 227 inches as the maximum and the minimum viewing distance of 161 inches.

These extra-large monitors measure 59 inches tall and 105 inches wide, with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

They are significantly larger than a 100-inch screen, about 32%. So, you’ll need a long enough distance to view the 120-inch screen pleasantly and comfortably.

How to Measure Proper Distances From Your 120-Inch Screen?

You can easily find various calculators on the net to calculate ideal viewing distances. Yet, you should still know that two standards allow you to find approximate distances, and what we are talking about are THX and SMPTE.

SMPTE is an accredited standards organization. They have published about 800 technical standards and essential documents for filmmaking, broadcast, digital cinema, information technology (IT), medical imaging, and sound recording.

As a result, in most cases, standards related to broadcast, audio, and film are relevant to the SMPTE organization.

THX develops high-fidelity picture and sound reproduction standards for screening rooms, home theater systems, and cinemas.

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Why Should You Sit Far From These Screens?

You should sit at least 15 feet away

The first and most important reason, the closer you sit to a large screen, the harder it will be for you to focus on the entire screen.

You can just focus on smaller pieces. Unfortunately, your eyes constantly move from one part of your screen to another if you do not want to miss any detail.

It can strain your eyes in the long run, leading to discomfort or eye pain. The fact is that experts always recommend sitting at least 15 feet away from your 120-inch screens to get the best viewing experience.

What Is the Viewing Angle?

Viewing angles refers to the angles created with your screen when you watch it from the center from one certain distance.

For instance, if you watch your 120-inch model from one of the close distances, the viewing angle with your monitor should be higher.

Conversely, your viewing angle will gradually decrease as you move away from these screens. So, the THX and SMPTE factors mentioned above are based on the screen size and angle.

For example, you sit closer to your projector screen if your viewing angle is about 90°. Meanwhile, the 30° viewing angle will give you a much more comfortable feeling.

Projector Seat Position

The ideal sitting position when using 120 screens is the center position, which will give you the best viewing angle.

If you plan to build a theater in your home, ideally arrange your seating with multiple floors and multiple seats. In this case, each of your guests will have a different view of your screen.

You should ensure your seats are within the maximum and minimum viewing distances. That is somewhere between 161 and 227 inches.

Hence, it is wise to ensure that your seats are arranged within this range. Any position beyond this distance will not give you the best viewing experience.

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Your Room Size  

The size of your room is also an important factor

Depending on the size of your room, these screens can be larger or smaller. 

You need to make sure the room you provide is large enough to place the speakers around your monitor. So, you will have the optimal hearing experience.

If not, you should think about buying something smaller.

How to Determine the Optimal Distance?  

You can quickly determine the ideal viewing distance using calculators or formulas. Anyhow, it is okay to rely on your personal experience.

After getting the right screen and projector, you should slowly move away from the screen until you get the ideal position.

You can also get help from family members or friends to make sure you’re getting data from multiple perspectives.

Otherwise, it is wise to set up a tape to mark the distance’s maximum and minimum evaluation on the THX or SMPTE calculation. Based on these marks, seating in the projector room is easier than ever.

How High Should 120-Inch Screens Mounted?  

In addition to the distance, you also need to pay attention to the height of your monitor. For example, it would help if you placed it at a height so that your neck is neither lowered nor raised while playing games or watching movies.

We recommend placing it at your horizontal line of vision or about 15° below your horizontal line of vision.

When your head is tilted about 15° downwards, you will get a comfortable eye line while your neck muscles are relaxed.

Ideally, make sure you do not tilt your head too much down or up to get the best movie experience.


Your monitor setup and sitting position depend on many factors, mainly your preferences, and needs. If you do not know how far you have to sit, it’s wise to do some experimenting until you’ve reached your optimal distance.

THX and SMPTE Calculator will help you get the job done, so take advantage of them. Is this article helpful to you?

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