How to use a projector outside? 8 Helpful tips

Operating the projector to display media in-house might be pretty obvious. Why don’t you try using the projector outdoors during the day? This is awesome!

Setting up an outdoor movie theater is easier than you think. You can also adjust the cost to suit your budget. Here are some things to consider on how to use a projector outside. Keep reading for more details!

How To Use A Projector Outside?

Weather Conditions

 Weather Conditions
Weather Conditions

Once you have participated in outdoor activities, the day’s weather is still the deciding factor for everything. For example, your family cannot operate in the hot weather of 40 degrees, or it rains heavily.

For households living in the city, when the housing area is not too large, it is understandable to use the vacant land around the house or a rooftop garden.

Bad weather conditions will directly affect the player or damage the projector. You should check the climate that day to better know the situation.

Get the Right Time

In addition to the weather, movie viewing time depends significantly on each milestone of the day. There are two suitable times for outdoor movie watching.

Firstly, in the evening before sunset, the air and the light are just right. Secondly, in the early morning, you can enjoy the fresh air and the new day.

If you choose the hours of intense sunlight from 11 am to 3 pm, you may need extra protective measures, including skin and machinery. Strong sunlight efficiently obstructs the view on the projection screen.

It won’t be a big deal in the winter months. At this point, the weather conditions will soften, so limiting the harmful effects of the temperature significantly.

Clean the Screen

In terms of longevity, cleaning the screen increases the projector’s life.

This operation is necessary because it helps display smoother, more precise image player contours, bringing a realistic feeling to the viewer.

The first requirement before installation is cleaning. Even though the devices in the carrying case are free of dirt, we recommend that you do the work regularly.

The image quality will decrease clearly when the screen appears with yellow stains. Viewers will find it challenging to recognize the original image and color. 

Over time, environmental influences will cause the screen to become full of dust and rust, affecting the quality of the projector.

The easiest way is to clean the device with warm water. You should limit or stay away from solid bleaches, which can permanently discolor the screen.

5000 lumens for at least

How to use a projector outside?
5000 lumens for at least

Lumens are a unit for measuring the comparability of a given light. Based on the budget, users should consider choosing the projector with the ideal number of lumens, as it is the component that determines the quality of the screen.

According to many experts, 2500 lumens is the minimum number for an outdoor image player to work correctly. However, for the most effective projection performance, 3000-5000 lumens is still the ideal number that everyone wants.

The smaller the screen size, the more lumens it needs to use. For example, the size of a 16 x 9-foot monitor requires about 3000 lumens to operate, but the number may have to be 1.5 times larger if the frame area is twice as large for daytime outdoor use.

Strong Reflective Display

Strong Reflective Display

The two leading equipment that make up a complete outdoor cinema are the projector and the screen. A mirrored screen is an additional form of screen. It is a version resistant to sunlight and retains the clarity of every image detail.

In terms of price, you need to spend a lot of money when deciding to refurbish equipment. It is worth mentioning that the results it brings are worth it.

Choose the Suitable Location.

If you have chosen a good projector and screen, the next step is to build an outdoor space theater.

The prerequisite here is that the installation location must be suitable. Even if the user has a projector with a capacity of 5500 lumens, you can still face problems when you do not choose the right one.

The biggest enemy of screens is the sun. Walk around the yard looking for a shady area. It could be under a tree, wall, shed, or garage. Any place where there is little light is the ideal place to build a complete cinema complex.

Design Shade

In case it is not possible to choose a slight installation angle. Do not worry! We can create an artificial shade. 

Many options have been implemented. In my opinion, an umbrella is still the most practical and fastest measure at this time. Since it is an automatic moving object, you can easily adjust the viewing angle or the corresponding size.

In the long run, installing a patio or building a gazebo is something you can think of. You have to fix the projector to suit households with business intentions.

Use Sound System

Every projector has a built-in speaker, but the volume is not too loud for outdoor use. Sometimes the wind will drown out the sounds or dialogue in a movie, which causes disorientation for the viewer.

With an electric-powered sound system, you can try connecting the external speaker via Bluetooth, as long as it is compatible. Option two is to link through a zipper, ensuring the speaker system from environmental influences.


This post has provided detailed guides on how to use a projector outside. The coolness of summer is the time to enjoy outdoor activities. With the notes in the article, you will quickly analyze to develop an effective working plan.

A projector with a minimum brightness of 3000 lumens, arranged in the shade, and limited exposure to sunlight are valuable tips for watching movies outdoors.

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