How to hang projector screen from ceiling? 5 Steps

A projector is a valuable tool for projecting movies or for use in meetings or presentation rooms. Yet, some devices require a ceiling-mounted installation because they can save you space and provide more comfort.

But not everyone knows how to do the process correctly. Let’s learn how to hang a projector screen from the ceiling through the following article!

How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling?

How to hang projector screen from ceiling
Step by step to follow

This section is the steps that you need to take to hang the projectors from the ceiling. Before that, you must prepare required tools such as snap links, screwdriver, marker, ladder, eye bolt screws or toggle bolts, stud finder, hooks, wall-hanging L bracket, and measuring tape.

Ready The Screen

You need to make sure your design is ceiling-mountable. Manufacturers will equip you with bracket connectors on the screens. They are responsible for keeping the screen and are pre-installed.

First, you need to attach keychains and eyebolts to your device. You can see the connector at the shelter of the display case, and you’ll have to screw the eyebolts and snap the clip onto the eyecup. 

Prepare The Ceiling

A stable roof will be the most secure place to mount the screen. Now, you need a drill to make holes and determine the space between the spot and the nail.

You can then wholly connect more nails to the studs with bolts.

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Eye Bolt Screws

Using the eye-catching screw to mount the display is very simple. You need to follow a few steps:

  • Step 1: Add the bolt to the roof and screw it.
  • Step 2: You need to attach the buckle straps to the bolts and connectors of the display frame.

If you use a toggle bolt, you need to toggle it for security. You need to prepare the bare nails for the flat base and the voids in the ground for the nails. 

For details, you can check out the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Drill holes in your ceiling
  • Step 2: You need to get the branches out of the pin.
  • Step 3: You install the toggle bolt to the hook
  • Step 4: You reassemble the wings and leave three threads empty.
  • Step 5: Put the toggle one in the hole and fold the wings.
  • Step 6: You need to tighten bolts and hooks.

Install Screens

At this step, you need to install the screens from the roof and the help of one more person. You will then make proper alignment of the eye shields that attach to the holes and attach the eyelets to the lenses for alignment.

Take A Test 

Take a test

After completing the above tasks, you can run a test to make sure everything is working fine. First, turn on the projector and consider the transparency and projection. If there is any deviation, you can perform screen alignment.

Some Safety Tips To Follow

To make the job go as safely as possible, you can take some of the measures:

  • Keep out of the installation area for children or your pets.
  • If the equipment is large, the best action you should take is to hire a professional.
  • Hole drilling needs to be done carefully and meticulously, and align the correct length of the drill to protect the roof.
  • Make equipment alignment before hanging from the top.
  • Avoid over-tightening screws and be careful in using stickers and eye bolt screws.

The steps to install the projector on the ceiling are detailed in the above section.

The work needs to be done carefully and meticulously to limit the possibility of damage to the equipment.


Should I mount my projectors on the ceiling?

Installing projectors on the roof is recommended because it helps you expand the viewing space, and some types can even be hidden from view. They keep your device closer to the screen than a mount at the back of the room.

Finally, the brightness and image quality will also be better.

How do you mount screens without nails?

If you need to install your projectors without or can’t find nails in your area. 

You can use projector screen stands, L-Shaped wall hangers, rigid wall hangers or hanging strips, and even brick clamps or command hooks.

They are standard tools and can be at specialized repair shops or parts stores. However, it would help if you equipped nails as the most common way.

Can you mount screens on drywall?

Ceilings made from drywall limit the weight the projector can be hung on.

If your device has a lot of weight or a 100-inch projector screen, the ceiling will not work well and will quickly fall. You can screw the bracket on the ceiling braces for maximum security for the best work.

How high should I mount my screens?

How high should you mount it

The height at which your projector screen is 24 inches to 36 inches above the floor. Moreover, you can also set it higher when there are multiple rows of seats. 

It will help people sitting in the back see what you are showing on the screen.

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Where is the best place to put a projector?

You can place your projectors on a table, a cabinet, or even on the ceiling, but they need to comply with the 8″ lens center law above the top edge of the screen. It means the projector needs to be taller than the screen.


We’ve shown how you can mount your projector to the ceiling. It will be helpful for roofs with high strength and stability. In contrast, you need to screw the brackets on the ceiling braces for ceilings made of plaster.

Hopefully, the above method will be helpful for your work. Please share the article if you find it useful. Thanks for reading!

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