How many Watts does a Projector use? (A Complete Guide)

Watt is the unit used to measure the electrical equipment power, including projectors. Each type of device consumes different amounts of electricity. And there are many ways to determine how many watts the projector uses.

In this article, I will introduce you to several types of projectors and how much energy they consume. If you are wondering: How many watts does a projector use? Do not skip any helpful information below!

How Many Watts Does A Projector Use? 

The average projector power ranges from 5 to 25 watts. The difference in wattage depends on your choice of projection screen size, technology, and brightness.

For example, a portable projector will be the perfect choice if you need to present at small events such as picnics or backyard parties. These projector models will have lower power, so you don’t have to worry about power issues.

Even now, there are quite a few battery-powered pocket projector models. This device has relatively low power. Its electricity consumption in an hour is equivalent to that of a smartphone or laptop.

Meanwhile, you will have to look for options with large screen sizes for public events. The projector will use more watts if this error occurs. And it would help if you ensured that the projector setup area had enough power.

These models should not be operated continuously for long periods. Because it will quickly increase heat, burn, and damage when it is too hot.

Usually, for home entertainment, you will only need a projector for about 15 watts. This projector model will work well in your living room and home cinema. 

Because of its small capacity, it won’t work well in large meeting rooms or outdoor events.

Different Types of Projectors

How many Watts does a Projector use?
Different types to consider

Each projector type has different power consumption. And below are the characteristics and capacity of each type.

Battery-powered projectors

The common feature of battery-powered projectors is their compact, pocket-friendly design and relatively low price. The above characteristics have made this device highly portable and suitable for picnics.

The power source of this projector is a Li-ion battery. You won’t have to carry around a troublesome charger or cord if you want to take this projector out of the house.

Alternatively, you can connect the battery-powered projector directly to a wall outlet. This compact projector model will not consume too much of your power. On average, its power will only be in the range of 10 – 90W.

Despite being fuel efficient and highly portable, this projector model is not very popular. It lacks many features of conventional projectors, such as the ability to project in bright light spaces and impressive sound quality.

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LED projectors

LED projectors inherit many advantages of battery models, such as compact size and high portability. But unlike a battery-powered projector, this one has all the features you’re looking for, such as high brightness and impressive image quality.

More commendable, this projector model does not consume too much power. Its average power will range from 30 – 150W. With such power, this projector won’t significantly affect your electricity bill.

DLP projectors

DLP is one of the oldest projection technologies. This projection technology, to this day, is still quite popular because of its many advantages. However, its biggest drawback is its relatively large power consumption. 

The average power of a DLP projector model is from 150 – 350W. Due to the large capacity, the lamp life of the DLP is not too impressive. Unlike LED projectors, they can only last between 2,000 – 3,500 hours.

Manufacturers have overcome this problem by adjusting the bulb’s brightness to reduce power consumption. Yet, this change causes problems with lighting.

LASER projectors

Laser is a projection technology that overcomes the disadvantages of DLP and LED projectors quite well.

As the name suggests, this projector uses a laser beam for illumination. This beam does not cause overheating to ensure equipment life. But, this type requires relatively high power. A laser projector model has up to 250W.

How To Exactly Measure A Projector’s Power Consumption?

The information above shows you the average power consumption only. It would help if you used professional measuring techniques or tools to accurately determine the projector’s power.

One of the simplest methods of determining a projector’s wattage is to use a screen that uses electricity. This device will measure and tell you exactly how much power the projector consumes.

It is not difficult to use a screen that uses electricity. You need to connect one end of the measuring device to the power source and the other to the projector. 

When you turn on the projector, the power usage monitor will measure and determine the device’s wattage.

How Many Watts For A Mini Projector?

mini projector
Mini projectors

The mini projector only consumes about 25 watts. Actual numbers may vary. In general, they are still quite an energy efficient.

The mini projector does the job well for projection in tight spaces. You need high-resolution devices and small lenses for the correct image quality.

With the need to project in a larger space, mini projectors with a capacity of 100 watts will meet the demand quite well. They are still quite an energy efficient, but still enough to illuminate a relatively large surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts is a home projector?

Home projectors have quite a variety of power consumption. Small projector models usually have a capacity of about 50 watts. For larger devices, the wattage ranges from 150-800 watts.

How much do 600 watts cost?

With a capacity of 600w, electricity per hour will be equivalent to 0.6 kWh. At current prices, an hourly 600w device will cost about $0.072.

Can a projector run on an inverter?

The projector is inverter compatible. However, before running the projector this way, you must check the wattage and amperage.

Do projectors use a lot of power?

Projectors are not the most energy-intensive devices. Energy consumption depends on the model. But the most energy-efficient options only consume about 150 watts an hour, or about 3 cents an hour.

How much energy does a projector consume?

The projector’s hourly power consumption ranges from 150 watts to 800 watts.

How many watts is a home projector?

Home projectors will have power ranging from 50W to 150W.


Through this article, I have helped you answer the question: How many watts does a projector use? The device’s capacity depends on its size and brightness. 

On average, the most commonly seen options will have a total of 5 – 25 watts.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you better understand the projector’s capacity and have the most suitable options.

Thank you for reading!

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