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Previously, projectors acted as a work support device or only appeared in movie theaters. Nowadays, projectors are coming a little closer to families when traveling, at backyard movie screenings, or at home theaters.

This popularity comes from the variety of projectors, along with the technology, intended use, and price of each product. With less than $200, you can own a device that allows entertainment and work on the big screen.

The following article will focus on providing the best projectors under 200 on the market and some useful tips to help you choose the right one.

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Projector Under 200

Each name in the list below has its unique features and characteristics. Every product deserves the best projector under 200. Let’s read on to discover!

1. GooDee 1080P Projector

GooDee 1080P Projector
4.9Editor's Rating
Best for Overall (Editor's Choice)
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 8000:1 | Screen Size:
Max 230″ | Brightness: 9500L | Speaker: 3W
  • Multi-directional projection.
  • Easily connect to multimedia devices.
  • The latest cooling system is both efficient and quiet.
  • The brightness is 80% higher than the competition in the same price range.
  • The contrast is quite good.
  • Not too suitable for using console games like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

Why it’s great:

One of the most significant disadvantages of cheap projectors is that the brightness is not enough to watch movies and entertain, even in another room with low light conditions.

However, GooDee 1080P Video Projector is an exception. Not only can this product perform great in a well-lit room, but it can also be available outdoors.

GooDee’s strength comes from 80% higher brightness than conventional devices in the same segment. Combined with a pretty good contrast ratio, GooDee’s display quality never degrades when installing the device in different locations, from backyards and garages to camping trips.

High brightness is a rather sizeable maximum support screen: 230” with only 18” distance. This advantage makes the representative from the GooDee brand the first product you should think of when looking for an outdoor projector.

The cooling system is also one of the valuable advantages of this cheap model. Because with a series of improvements in fan design and materials, you have a cooling system that is more efficient yet quieter and more bulb-friendly.

Bottom Line

With impressive brightness, resolution, and maximum screen size, it’s not surprising that GooDee 1080P Video Projector is one of the most reliable names for outdoor projection.

2. FANGOR 230″ Portable Movie Projector

FANGOR 230" Portable
4.9Editor's Rating
A fantastic projector for movie viewing
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 10000:1 | Screen Size:
Max 230″ | Brightness: No data | Speaker: 5W
  • The built-in speaker has five sound modes available.
  • Diffuse reflectance technology is more eye-friendly than TVs.
  • High-refraction 6-layer glass lens.
  • Keystone adjustment support.
  • The shutdown time can be set.
  • The cooling fan is a bit noisy.

Why it’s great:

The FANGOR projector is one of the ideal options to meet almost all your requirements for an entertainment device under $200.

Specifically, if you are looking for an affordable product but can provide a home theater experience, FANGOR is excellent enough to meet that need.

This product uses 1080P native resolution and an impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Not only that, but the manufacturer also equips the product with a 6-layer high-refractive glass lens. The appearance of the lens gives you the most unforgettable video-viewing experience.

Along with the picture, the sound is also a big plus point of this projector model. Fangor owns stereo surround speakers, providing quite detailed sound effects. In addition, the manufacturer also supports wireless connectivity so that you can connect the device to the Bluetooth speaker easily.

Not only that, but FANGOR also owns a series of other exciting features. For example, wireless WiFi connection, support for multiple ports, or diffuse reflection technology for better eye protection.

Bottom Line

It can be that you couldn’t ask for more in the FANGOR Native 1080P WiFi Projector. The product has good image quality, prominent capacity speakers, support for many connection ports, and many other valuable features.

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3. ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector

4.8Editor's Rating
Best budget projector under $200
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 3500:1 | Screen Size:
30″-200″ | Brightness: 7500 Lux | Speaker: Yes
  • Support WiFi connection latest technology.
  • 24-bit true color.
  • Built-in impressive speakers for an immersive listening experience.
  • Eye-friendly diffuse reflection technology.
  • Great visual experience in this price range.
  • Not recommended for business presentations.

Why it’s great:

The most striking feature of ELEPHAS Mini is its almost unlimited connectivity. This projector model supports both wired and wireless connections.

Specifically, with a wireless connection, you can easily use WiFi to connect to Android, iPhone, and Windows 10. You can take advantage of this advantage to use the projector anytime, anywhere.

Although supporting wireless connectivity with the latest technology, the manufacturer does not limit the physical connectivity of the product. 

Instead, you have a pretty full range of physical connection ports today, from audio jack to AV, VGA, USB, and HDMI.

You can connect the projector to your other smart devices without preparing an additional adapter with the above complete.

More than simply a device that maximizes connectivity, ELEPHAS Mini also possesses a range of valuable technologies.

Specifically, this model is proud to be a product that supports innovative technology to reduce noise, providing a pretty great audio experience.

The device’s audio experience is impossible, not to mention the built-in speakers that deliver realistic sound, enhancing your viewing experience.

Bottom Line

Although there are still some disadvantages, it is undeniable that the ELEPHAS Mini deserves to be the best projector under 200.

4. XIAOYA Outdoor Projector

XIAOYA Projector
4.7Editor's Rating
Best for Backyard Movie Projection
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1280×800 | Contrast ratio: 4000:1 | Screen Size:
No data | Brightness: 4000 Lumens | Speaker: Yes
  • Integrated ceiling mount and tripod mount.
  • HiFi stereo speakers.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Perfect for backyard movie screenings.
  • The picture in a dimly lit room is not sharp and challenging to see.

Why it’s great:

There are many reasons why the XIAOYA is the perfect projector for your backyard movie screenings.

One of the most typical reasons is that the brightness is quite impressive. Compared with products with the exact resolution, the 4000 lumens brightness that XIAOYA owns gives a much more vibrant and robust impression.

Your backyard movie screening won’t be complete if the sound quality doesn’t match the display’s impressions. Understanding this, XIAOYA has equipped the product with a HiFi stereo speaker system.

Along with that, this projector model also operates quite smoothly. So you’re sure to have a clear and unmistakable audio experience, as is often the case with some pretty affordable devices.

Bottom Line

With a series of advantages above, it would be remiss if your list of best projectors under 200 lacks products from the XIAOYA brand.

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5. BIGASUO Native 1080P Projector

BIGASUO Native 1080P
4.6Editor's Rating
Best for Home Cinema
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 8000:1 | Screen Size:
Max 250″ | Brightness: 8000 Lux | Speaker: 5W
  • Latest full-screen technology.
  • Provide better image quality than similar products in their class and size.
  • The stereo surround sound.
  • Wired display sync.
  • It supports a maximum screen size of 250”.
  • USB-C or USB-HDMI adapter not included.

Why it’s great:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly product under $200 to complete your home cinema, the BIGASUO Native 1080P is the choice you should not miss.

The product will bring you a superior visual and audio experience to make your entertainment experience more complete.

Specifically, BIGASUO Native 1080P uses the latest full-screen technology in terms of image quality, thus eliminating screen corner blur. Besides, the product also owns Full HD resolution; the maximum brightness is quite impressive, promising to bring clear and high-quality images.

BIGASUO Native 1080P

Besides, with the help of digital zoom, you can also adjust the image size and focus for a better experience.

In terms of sound quality, it’s hard to imagine a compact device at an affordable price with dual 5W stereo speakers. 

However, BIGASUO Native 1080P Projector has done the above impossible, greatly enhancing the user’s audio enjoyment experience.

Bottom Line

You can completely overcome the above drawback by equipping additional adapters to connect the device to smartphones and many other devices. Therefore, BIGASUO Native 1080P Projector is a product that is quite close to perfection that you should not miss.

6. BIGASUO Pro302 Projector

BIGASUO Pro302 Projector
4.5Editor's Rating
Best for DVD Player
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1280×720 | Contrast ratio: 8000:1 | Screen Size:
Max 200″ | Brightness: No data | Speaker: Yes
  • The shutdown timer feature is quite helpful.
  • Durable, 6-layer lens.
  • Lamp life is up to more than 65,000 hours.
  • 27 techniques, 11 improvements to optimize image quality as well as color.
  • Support DVD playback.
  • Make sure the space is completely dark for the best viewing experience.

Why it’s great:

Nearly all modern projectors do not support disc playback. To play the disc’s contents on the big screen, you will need to equip an additional DVD player.

However, connecting to your favorite discs will not be too difficult if you choose BIGASUO Pro302 – a device that harmonizes the DVD player and projector.

In addition to the above particular points, Pro302 also has a series of advantages that are difficult for any other model in the same price range to possess.

In terms of display capabilities, Bigasuo has used up to 27 techniques, and 11 improvements to optimize image quality and color. The manufacturer also integrates self-adaptive HDR adjustment technology.


With all of the above, you can expect this very affordable projector to give you the best viewing experience in its price range.

BIGASUO Pro302 is also a model with impressive durability because the manufacturer has equipped this product with a high-quality lens that can withstand harsh conditions.

Along with a lifespan of more than 65,000 hours, you can ultimately use the product for the next many years without having too many problems to repair and replace.

Bottom Line

BIGASUO is well known as a constantly innovating brand, evolving to enhance the customer experience. The devices of this brand all solve the problems that users face well and have the most accessible prices possible. BIGASUO Pro302 is honored to be such a product.

7. ClokoWe Mini Bluetooth Projector

ClokoWe Mini Bluetooth Projector
4.3Editor's Rating
Best for Contrast
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 10000:1 | Screen Size:
Max 230″ | Brightness: 9600L | Speaker: 3W
  • Low noise level.
  • Lamp life up to 100,000 hours.
  • Brightness up to 9600L.
  • Dual 3W speakers with integrated SRS Sound technology.
  • It supports connecting multiple devices.
  • It may be challenging to customize the screen for the first time.

Why it’s great:

There are quite a few interesting points regarding this good budget projector ClokoWe Mini.

First, it is impossible not to mention the surprising image quality that the product brings. You will undoubtedly be satisfied with the latest LCD screen technology, Full HD resolution, and contrast up to 10,000:1.

More proudly, products from the ClokoWe brand also have a brightness of up to 9600 Lumen – 95% higher than other devices with the exact resolution.

Impressive image quality is a 3W dual speaker system with SRS Sound technology. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that with ClokoWe, you will have a great experience in professional cinema at the lowest cost.

This device also possesses a series of valuable advantages. One of them is a lamp life of more than 100,000 hours but significantly lower energy consumption than others.

Bottom Line

With a series of advantages, the most prominent of which is the picture quality and sound that meet expectations, ClokoWe Mini fully deserves the title of the best projector for movie entertainment.

8. YABER Y21 Native Projector

4.3Editor's Rating
Best for Durability
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 8000:1 | Screen Size:
45″ – 300″ | Brightness: 9000L | Speaker: 3W
  • Lamp life up to 100,000 hours.
  • Smart Ecotechnology.
  • Easily adjust images.
  • 3W dual stereo speaker SRS sound system.
  • 17 million wide color gamut.
  • Not ideal for office spaces.

Why it’s great:

You probably don’t expect too much of the durability of a cheap device. However, YABER Y21 with excellent parameters proves the opposite.

Products from the Yaber use the latest SmartEco technology. The manufacturer is with effective heat dissipation and temperature control system.

It is not too surprising that the LED lamp life of this projector is up to 100,000 hours – a number higher than any LED projector model in the same price range.

Besides being famous for its excellent durability, the Yaber Y21 is also a top choice in the sub-$200 segment because of the following features:

The first is the vertical and horizontal image editing function. You can take advantage of this feature to control your device remotely, especially when you mount your device on the ceiling.

Secondly, it is impossible not to mention the impressive dual 3W stereo speakers. This equipment promises to perfect your entertainment experience. In addition, the manufacturer also provides a lot of connection ports so you can connect the projector to a lot of other devices, from Blu-ray Disc players to gaming consoles, laptops, and phones.

Bottom Line

With an impressive lifespan, you can expect to use this powerful projector YABER Y21 for many years to come – something that not many products in the same price range can support.

9. TOPVISION Projector

4.2Editor's Rating
Best for Outdoor Travel
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: 6000:1 | Screen Size:
72″ – 240″ | Brightness: 7500 Lux | Speaker: 2x3W
  • 85% higher brightness than conventional devices.
  • The clear stereo.
  • Easily connect to a variety of instruments.
  • The engine runs smoothly.
  • Improved color technology.
  • Not support Dolby audio

Why it’s great:

Without a doubt, TOPVISION Projector is the perfect movie-watching device for nighttime entertainment when you travel.

This model has both impressive brightness and excellent resolution to deliver a unique cinematic experience. 

Topvision also upgraded color technology, not only stopping there, Delivering vibrant, vivid images that you will surely be satisfied with.

This projector model also owns up to 5 layers of LCD lenses. As a result, there is almost no doubt in the clarity of detail that this superb LCD lens delivers.

In addition to features to improve image quality, TOPVISION does not disappoint users in terms of sound quality and connection methods. As a result, you will want to take this particular projector model with you on various occasions.

Bottom Line

TOPVISION once stated that the brand is not simply selling devices but also selling great experiences to customers. And with this projector model, the brand has accomplished everything it has ever claimed.

10. Generic Mini Projector

4.2Editor's Rating
Best for Portable
Type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Contrast ratio: No data | Screen Size:
No data | Brightness: No data | Speaker: Yes
  • Advanced Bluetooth remote control technology.
  • Dust-proof lens.
  • Get the latest Android TV system.
  • Full HD native resolution, 4K input support.
  • Automatic Keystone correction.
  • Not for business presentations.

Why it’s great:

If you want to enjoy content on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc., on the big screen, you will usually have to prepare some additional supporting devices.

However, with Generic Mini Projector, watching movies on Netflix has never been so easy.

Generic has equipped this model with the latest Android TV system, and you have a store of entertainment applications with the most famous names, such as Prime Video Netflix. So you can comfortably enjoy entertainment content without having to worry about license problems.

More than simply a great choice if you love live-streaming platforms, Generic is well worth considering for its remarkable clarity.

This product is proud to be a projector under $200 with Full HD native resolution, supporting 4K input. In addition, the manufacturer also equips the Generic Mini with a dust-proof lens, which keeps the lens transparent and says no to black spots on the image.

Bottom Line

With the series of advantages above, there is no doubt that the Generic Mini Projector is one of the best options you have in its price range.

Buying Guide

After reading the list above, you may be wondering about the criteria for making a choice. The truth is that making lists is not an easy challenge; you can refer to some of the following criteria to be able to make your list:


Contrast is an indicator of the difference between black and white on a screen. The higher the distance between the blackest and brightest levels, the sharper the display can display.

Theoretically, a screen with high contrast should give better picture quality than conventional monitors.

It doesn’t mean the higher, the better. Because of advertising purposes, some manufacturers have announced dynamic contrast instead of static contrast, making the parameters in the tens of thousands but not carrying much value.


The brightness of the projector dramatically affects the visual experience you have. However, in contrast, high intelligence is not always valuable.

Because to choose the most suitable one, you need to consider the time and place where you want to use the projector.

For example, if you use the device in a private entertainment room, a brightness of 1000 lumens is acceptable. Whereas if you want to project in daylight, a brightness higher than 3000 lumens is needed.

Some extra features

The following features are not required to appear in the product you choose. Still, they can be the basis for you to prioritize one development over another device with the exact specifications:

Efficient heat dissipation: A device with this advantage will have a significantly longer lamp life. Besides, you are not bothered by the noise of the cooling fan.

Keystone: This feature will help you if you need to adjust the image digitally instead of the usual manual operations.

You can refer to some famous models with great Keystone technology, such as YABER 5G, AuKing Mini, or HOMPOW 5500L.

Frequently Asked Questions

After all the tutorials and suggestions, now it’s time for you to answer all your lingering questions with the frequently asked questions below:

What features should a projector under $200 have to be for backyard movie projection?

For under $200, you may be limited in some features when choosing an outdoor theater projector. However, there are some features you shouldn’t compromise.

  • Brightness: At least from 2,000 lumens.
  • Sound: Loud enough speakers, with support for connecting external speakers.
  • Resolution: At least HD standard.
  • Connector: Support HDMI port.

Can I play TV through my under $200 projector?

If your projector has the correct port to do the above, the answer is yes. You also need to find a compatible cable to make the connection.

Are projectors under $200 compatible with my latest MacBook model?

You can connect your MacBook to any projector model as long as you need an adapter. Because Apple devices generally do not support connection via HDMI.

Final Words

The list of the best projector under 200 above has provided you with various options suitable for many different needs.

For example, if you want to project outdoors, GooDee, with more than 9,000 lumens of brightness, is an ideal choice.

Meanwhile, BIGASUO Pro302 is quite helpful if you love to enjoy the content on DVD. Or FANGOR will bring you a lot of impressive entertainment experiences that you should not miss.

It can be that, with the familiar names above, owning an affordable product that serves good entertainment purposes is no longer too difficult.

Therefore, choose a name and instantly have great entertainment experiences on the big screen today.

Enjoy my article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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