1080p 50hz Or 60hz: Which is the optimal choice?

Refresh rate is a crucial factor that decides the image quality and watching experience. When shopping for a full HD computer display, you may encounter 50hz and 60hz labels. 

So, are these two categories different? Which option will bring better performance and user experience? What is the best refresh rate for a full HD display, anyway?

I will discuss their differences in detail and give you an in-depth answer. So, which is better: 1080p 50hz or 60hz? Keep reading, and I will show you.

An Overview Of 50hz And 60hz

50hz and 60hz are two common refresh rates on Full HD computer monitors, televisions, and projectors. Hz, or refresh rate, indicates the number of times a display panel can refresh its image in one second. 

For example, a 50hz refresh rate means the monitor can refresh its panel 50 times per second. In general, the higher the refresh rate, the better the watching experience. 

When images are refreshed faster, the images will appear smoother to your eyes. 

You can try switching from a 60Hz to a 120 or 144Hz display, and the improvement in image quality is very obvious. 

But does 60hz bring a significantly better experience than 50hz at Full HD resolution? Keep scrolling down, and I will show you!

60Hz Is Very Common

What Are The Differences Between 1080p 50hz Vs 1080p 60hz?

The difference is very simple. While a 60hz computer display can refresh the images 60 times per second, the 50hz ones do it only 50 times. The higher refresh rate generally equals smoother pictures and a watching experience. 

However, jumping from 50 Hz to 60 Hz won’t significantly improve image quality unless you play hardcore games with heavy graphics. 

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Image Quality

Through many performance tests, the 60 Hz refresh rate brings a 20% higher refreshing speed with 1800/3600 RPM or 1500/3000 RPM. However, the difference is not easy to notice unless you watch the image at a low speed. 

In simple terms, a 50 Hz monitor can generate 5 image frames per second while a 60 Hz can produce up to 6 frames for the same duration. As a result, you see that the image appears at a higher frequency, thus becoming smoother at 60 Hz. 

Though the difference is minor, it’s still better to use a 60Hz panel in the long run. Whether it’s for movie watching, web browsing, or working, you’ll always benefit from that minor 10 Hz increase in FPS. 

1080p 60hz vs 30hz
60 Hz Helps Prevent Eyestrain Better


If you frequently suffer from eye strain, the higher 60hz refresh rate is more beneficial. For those who regularly do heavy games or edit for multiple hours, a monitor with a 60hz refresh rate makes it easier for the eyes. 

If your PC can produce Full HD images at 50 Hz efficiently, then it won’t have any problem pushing to 60hz. In addition, the price of Full HD 50hz and Full HD 60hz monitors are nearly identical on the market. 

Therefore it’s reasonable to choose the 60Hz. There’s no need to sacrifice image quality when you don’t get any significant discount on your budget. 


Nowadays, many games require at least 60 Frame rates per second to ensure the best experience. This means the gameplay will appear choppy or not smooth on a 50Hz display.

If you’re used to playing games at 50 FPS, upgrading to 60 FPS just brings higher satisfaction. However, the reduction in quality is immediately felt when downscaling from 60 to 50 FPS. 

You Should Choose 60Hz Monitors For Gaming

1080p 50hz Or 60hz: Which Is Better?

Many people worry that a higher refresh rate will put more work on the GPU and CPU, thus hindering their performance. This is true when you switch from low FPS (30, 50) to 120 Hz. 

However, upgrading from 50hz to 60hz won’t significantly affect your computer, especially when watching and playing at 1080p resolution. Price is also an obstacle that prevents you from switching to higher refresh rates. 

Nowadays, 60Hz displays are not so pricey and are considered the most affordable option. A better FPS also benefits your eyes, helping reduce eyestrain with smoother image quality. 

For these reasons, I recommend you go for the 60Hz displaying devices at full HD resolution. 

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Is 1080p 60hz Good For Gaming?

60 Hz is decent for a smooth and satisfying gaming experience (both single-player and multiplayer games). It’s also the most affordable option at the moment. 

60Hz doesn’t require much power from your PC’s processor. Only choose monitors with higher refresh rates If your GPU can push it to 144 or 120hz effortlessly. 

Is 60hz Good For Tv?

Nowadays, many TV models still come in 60 Hz. This refresh rate is still sufficient for watching movies and videos smoothly. However, you should opt for a higher refresh rate when choosing large TV panels (from 40 inches or more). 

Higher refresh rates (120hz, 144hz) give you a better gaming experience on TV. 

What Is The Best Refresh Rate For A TV?

Large TV screens usually have a higher refresh rate. The higher refresh rates give you a better watching experience, but they will increase the TV’s price significantly. If you want the best image quality, choose a 144 Hz TV. 

Meanwhile, a 60Hz TV is a more budget-friendly choice, which still ensures decent video quality. 

Is 50hz Good For 4K?

50hz can still accommodate 4K images, but it’s not the ideal option. The best refresh rate for watching videos and playing games in 4K is 100hz and above. Most mid-end 4K TVs keep their FPS at 50 to lower the production cost. 

How Many Hz Is Full HD?

There is no set limit for Full HD images. There are FHD screens that come with 30, 60, or even 120Hz, depending on their type and cost.

The most common refresh rate for FHD TVs and screens is 60 Hz and higher. 

Final Thoughts

Though the difference is not so obvious between 50hz and 60hz, the minor improvement is still worth upgrading. If you’re a hardcore gamer or simply want the best watching experience, choose 1080p at 60hz. 

So 1080p 50hz or 60hz? I hope that you can make your decision now.

Thank you for reading this post!

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