How to turn on Roku TV without remote? 5 Effective ways

Losing the TV remote is one of the most annoying experiences for TV users. Therefore, many users will find it hard to use their televisions without a remote. 

So, how to turn on Ruku TV without a remote? Though it’s definitely less convenient than the remote, there are alternative methods to plug on a Roku TV. 

I will discuss these solutions in detailed instructions and provide you with additional helpful tips on using Ruku TV. Continue reading, and I will show you!

Locate The Power Button’s Position On Your Roku TV

The most straightforward way to turn on an electric device is by pressing its power button. However, each Roku TV version features a unique power button location, and it is also hard to find. 

The power button may lie underneath the TV, on its top, or on the back of the device. This setback makes it tricky for users to locate the button when they have lost their remotes. 

Here are some possible spots where you can find the Roku TV’s power button. 

Middle Or Underside

The most prevalent power button’s position is under the Roku TV. You can find it hidden from view, right in the center of the TV’s underside. If you can’t find the button, try moving your hand around the TV bottom surface to search for it. 

On The Back Of Your Roku TV

Another common position is on the Roku TV’s backside. The button is most likely located near the right side of the TV’s back. If you have mounted your TV to the wall, this position is incredibly inconvenient to reach. 

If possible, move your TV slightly backward from the wall and use a flashlight to look for the power button. Don’t forget to check the TV’s back left side, which is another possible location. 

On The Front Left Of The TV Bottom

The last possible location is on the left side of the TV’s bottom. Gently slide your finger along the TV underside to look for the power button. You may feel the TV’s receiver (which receives signals from your remote). 

The power button is put right behind that receiver. If you have checked all these positions and couldn’t find the power button, check the owner’s manual of your Roku TV. 

You may have touched it but mistaken the power button for something else. Another solution is to search for your Roku TV model on the Internet. 

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Types Of Roku Panels Design

Things get even trickier when each Roku TV version features a different panel design. The simplest model comes with a single button, which you can find based on the provided positions above. 

Yet, some panel designs feature up to three, five, or even seven buttons. When you mount the Roku TV to the wall, it’s impossible to see the buttons’ labels. 

In most cases, the power button is normally placed in the middle. But some manufacturers decide to put them in random orders. Therefore you should press them in order and memorize the position of the power button. 

How to turn on Roku TV without remote
Check The TV’s Panel For Its Power Button

How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

The design trend for TVs nowadays is hiding the power button to make the device look more modern and sleekier.

In addition, Roku TVs are manufactured by many third parties, so the power button’s location will vary on each version. 

However, pressing the physical power button on your Roku TV is not the only solution. It’s also inconvenient since you have to look for that press every time you turn on the device. 

So, what are the other solutions to power on Roku TV while you are waiting for a new remote? Follow the sections below, and I will show you. 

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Find A Replacement Remote For Roku TV

Though you can use the Roku app or power button to turn on your TV, these solutions are not convenient in the long term. Therefore, you quickly contact the store where you purchased Roku TV to order a replacement remote. 

A new remote won’t cost much, and you no longer have to deal with this frustrating issue. If possible, I recommend you buy a Roku remote that supports voice control. 

This device allows you to command the TV and search for content using voice commands, which is more convenient than traditional remotes. 

Buy A New Remote For Your TV

Use The Roku App As A Remote

The Roku app can be used as a virtual remote to turn on your Roku TV and control its essential features. This application is free for download on both IOS and Android mobile phones. 

First, search for “Roku remote app” on the Playstore or Appstore and install the app on your phone. Ensure that you choose the right application, which should appear on top with the name: “Roku – official remote.” 

After installing the app, access its main interface and tap on the screen icon on the bottom right of your phone’s screen. Now the name of your Roku TV and other devices will appear. 

Since the Roku TV is turned off, you have to tap on its name twice to wake up the device and connect it to your phone. However, this method only works when your Roku TV is already connected to a Wifi network. 

The connection is only possible when your TV and mobile phone share the same wifi network. If your TV was reset and doesn’t have wifi connection, this solution won’t be possible. 

After connecting your phone to the Roku TV, tap the “remote” section and begin using the app as a virtual remote. The app allows you to find content on your phone and cast it to the Roku TV via the “Media” feature. 

This video will show you more detailed instructions on controlling a Roku TV without using a remote or wifi. 

How to turn on Roku TV without remote
How to turn on Roku TV without remote?

Using A Satellite Or Cable Remote 

What if you ordered the Roku TV online, and the replacement remote is not available at the moment? Try finding in your house any cable or satellite remote from your previous TVs. 

There is a small chance that these remotes can work with your Roku TV. All the remote buttons are not compatible with the TV’s functions, but the power button should do its job. 

Try The Old Remotes In Your House


This section provides helpful information on Using Roku TV that you may need. 

Can I Connect Roku TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote?

You can establish an internet connection via the browser extension or Roku mobile app on your Roku TV. These apps can play as a virtual remote, allowing users to switch to another wifi network. 

However, you need to use Ethernet if your Roku TV doesn’t have a wifi connection. If your device doesn’t support Ethernet, the only solution left is to purchase a new remote. 

What Do I Do If I Lose My Roku Remote?

You can turn on the TV and control its basic functions using the button set. But it will be much more inconvenient since you have to control it manually. A better solution is using the Roku mobile app. 

By installing this app on your phone, you can access a control center and use it as a virtual remote. 

How Do I Connect My Roku Without The Remote After A Factory Reset?

No, there is no alternative method to connect your Roku TV to wifi connection after the factory reset. The only solution is to buy a new remote because your TV doesn’t have wifi after resetting. 

You can only switch between wifi networks using the Roku mobile app if your TV is already connected to the Internet. 

Can I Watch My Roku TV Without Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, Roku TV requires an internet connection to stream content. Therefore you cannot watch Roku TV without wifi. This feature allows users to set up the Roku TV more easily compared to the TV cables. 

Some Roku TV models support wired Ethernet connection, but they still require wifi to stream. 

Can You Bluetooth To A Roku TV Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can still pair your phone with Roku TV via Bluetooth without using wifi connection. Some options are using native screen mirroring, third-party applications, or hotspot features on iPhones.

How Do I Find A Missing Remote

Chances are the Roku TV remote is still somewhere inside your house. To avoid costing unnecessary money on a new remote, check your house’s corners and clutters thoroughly. 

Check the furniture and couches in your living room, where you regularly sit to watch TV. Finally, ask family members and friends coming to your house if they see the remote. 

Final Thoughts

Roku TVs possess beautiful designs and advanced features, but their tricky power button location is a minus point. The power buttons lie in different locations, depending on the version of your TV. 

So, how to turn on Roku TV without a remote? I hope that you can do this task easily now. If you have any further questions, please comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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