Can A Plasma TV Do 4K? Detailed Explanation

Screen resolution was a turning point in technology to increase image quality. The more modern things are, the more we want to own them. 

Similarly, the higher the image quality, the more it will attract users’ tastes. 

In the 1998s, when the high definition was introduced, the plasma TV line featured as the best-selling equipment in retail stores because it strikes a good balance between price and image quality.

You may not believe it, but the key problem with this TV lies in the advantage in terms of features. It leads to a trend that creates competition between brands. 

In particular, the most outstanding quality is the clear display of the content on the screen. However, can a Plasma TV do 4K?

In today’s article, we will give you a clear answer and address related issues.

The Overview of 4K

What is 4K?

The concept of 4K is quite simple, and it is a video format in the highest segment. With a 4K display, you can experience viewing the images through the screen as realistically as possible. We often see Ultra HD mode, and this is an alternative phrase for 4K.

From an expert’s point of view, the format is at a horizontal resolution, normalized to 3840 x 2160 pixels, each containing at least 8 million active pixels. 

However, 4K will have different pixel amplitudes depending on the broadcast application device.

It is not necessarily in the total number of pixels mentioned above for large screens such as projectors or screens in digital cinemas. Still, it can be 3.4 times larger or even larger. 23 times better than 1080P for standard definition.

When you have to choose between 1080p and 4K, we recommend looking at the results behind it. Why? The same is a flat screen with the same universal inch if 1080p can only contain 1 pixel, three times the total number of pixels in 4K.

It explains to us clearly the image quality when comparing the two modes, and there is a difference. However, the history of Ultra HD has been around since 1980, when now more advanced versions such as 8K or HDR were introduced to the market. Up to now, 4K is still a new technology to meet customers’ needs.

What Is a Plasma Screen?

What Is a Plasma Screen?

Plasma TV is the first flat screen design TV on the market, introduced to the public in the 2000s. The product is considered an innovative smart device that is leading the development trends. 

We probably don’t hear much about it anymore. But do you believe it? About 20 years ago, it dominated the TV market and provided the best user experience.

According to Samsung announced (the main manufacturer of the plasma TV line). The structure of the device mainly comes from small gas cell particles, including lighting platforms located between two glass surfaces.

The display contains a phosphor material that automatically brightens the image without a backlight.

The need for image quality is the driving force behind any invention. The same goes for plasma TVs; every corner of the house is a great viewing point.

The technology applied in the product provides a high contrast ratio and beautiful color reflections for a perfect movie viewing experience.

However, some of the downsides to mention our weight. It is heavier because it includes many high-power devices, and the light is not too prominent. If you can adapt to watching movies in low light, you will enjoy them.

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The history of color TV

What Is The Ideal Resolution?

Three factors are involved in determining the right screen resolution for your needs: Screen size, viewing distance, and visual quality. 

The industry is changing to more and more modern technology. Setting modes such as Full HD, HDR, and 8K competition is unnecessary; please see below to understand more about this.

TV Size

A moderate screen will satisfy all your requirements, but a large screen is enough to make a strong impression on users.

Although the placement does not affect the experience, it is not difficult to notice the difference in image quality between the two different sizes.

Distance From the TV

As we said above, the viewing distance is also a part of evaluating the quality of the resolution is good or not. 

When the position is too far away, you will not clearly distinguish the two figures, 1080 and 4K. 

But a Forbes article also comments on the loss of effect if the distance of 4K is too far. You will feel suitable if the location is close to Ultra HD.

Can A Plasma TV Do 4K?

Firstly, if you are looking for this device line with the need to install 4K, it is not possible because the plasma TV company stopped producing the product in 2014 to launch more upgraded versions.

Secondly, up to the present time, plasma TV is considered an outdated device compared to LCD or OLED lines. Besides, plasma TVs only have the highest resolution format in Full HD or 1080p.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did plasma TVs fail?

Similar to other product lines. The early versions of plasma TVs encountered screen burnout; invisible, they prevented users from being able to perform video games or images displayed on the screen. In addition, the status of screen storage also often appears to confuse users more or less.

What can I do with my old plasma TV?

There are many ways you can do with an old version of the machine that is not in use:

  • Donate TVs to places that need them
  • Return to manufacturers
  • Sell ​​it
  • Give it away for free
  • Bring to the recycled countries.

What is a CRT television?

CRT TV is an old form of TV that uses cathode ray tubes. Many electron guns and fluorescent screens exist inside the pipes used to view images. However, one point to note is that these beams contain extremely high levels of toxins.

Some components collected, such as mercury and phosphorus, are toxic. When you dispose of it in the environment, it will most likely cause unnecessary danger. So the best way is to bring them to recycling centers to handle them.


So, can a plasma TV do 4K? Unfortunately, the answer is no, and Plasma TV cannot play 4K Video. As such, this article has given you a detailed answer. 

Hopefully, you will better understand the issue of concern. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and the team will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for following this post! 

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