Is 1080p Good For Gaming? 4 Facts You Should Know

The screen resolution is increasing, from full HD to 4K, which delivers amazing gameplay graphics. Yet, it is still one of the most common screen resolutions. 

If you own or plan to purchase an FHD monitor to play games, you may wonder if it can give a smooth and realistic gaming experience. 

So, is 1080p good for gaming? The short answer is yes. 1080p is still sufficient for you to enjoy most games with smooth and detailed graphics. 

We will discuss this issue further and give you more detailed explanations. 

What Is Resolution?

A computer display consists of millions of tiny pixels arranged evenly in a symmetrical pattern. The higher the computer screen resolution, the sharper and more visible its images. 

You can tell the clarity of the image on a screen based on its resolution. When you play a game, the resolution depends on your computer’s original supported resolution. 

For example, a high-end 4K display will have an average resolution of 3940 x 2160. This number means that the screen has 3940 pixels in width and 2160 pixels in height. 

You should notice that two devices having the same screen size doesn’t mean that they have the same resolutions. Small-size monitors with high resolutions will deliver sharper but smaller images and vice versa. 

What Are The Best Screen Resolutions? 

Generally, the highest resolutions will deliver the sharpest and greatest graphics quality, but the screen size of your monitor also matters. 

For example, a large screen at 4K resolution still cannot produce as great image quality as a small 4K monitor.

You will get a bigger screen area and better viewing angle on big monitors, but the images will become less sharp and detailed.

Meanwhile, small screens give the sharpest image quality, but you have to sacrifice the viewing area. Therefore, you should carefully consider each option to choose the most optimal size and resolution for your needs. 

Is 1080p Good For Gaming? 

1080p is still a common screen resolution suitable for playing the majority of games. The game developers also design their games to run optimally with this resolution because more than half of the gamers use it. 

Surveys have indicated that more than one-half of gamers use the FHD monitor to play games. Therefore it is still a common choice for gaming.

You can have a smooth and flawless gaming experience when playing heavy games, such as GTA V and Warcraft, to competitive ones like League Of Legends, on an FHD display. 

Many high-end laptops and computer monitors of different sizes are built with the FHD (1080p) resolution. However, due to the advance in technology, higher resolutions have gradually become more popular, such as 4K or UHD. 

Therefore the resolutions below 1080p are no longer considered suitable for gaming. But you can get detailed and realistic images when playing on the 1080p, which has become the lowest standard resolution for gaming displays. 

Gaming Laptop
A Gaming Laptop

The Benefits Of 1080p Resolution 

The first reason many people choose the FHD displays over monitors with higher resolutions, such as 2k, 4k, or UHD, is their affordability. The price of a 4K display is many times higher than a regular FHD model. 

With that whopping amount of money, you can invest in upgrading the graphics card or CPU to level your gaming experience. Spending too much money on screen resolutions is just not a wise idea for many gamers. 

Moreover, 1080p will still be supported and optimal for many games in the next few years. Since more than half of gamers own a 1080p display, the game developers have to keep their products suitable for this standard. 

Therefore, you can rest assured that your FHD monitor can still play heavy games in the future. 

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What Do You Need For A Smooth Gameplay?

Many low-tech users often think that screen resolutions contribute the most to their gaming experience. However, smooth gameplay requires a combination of a strong CPU, GPU, computer hardware, and a good monitor. 

The CPU and graphics card is in charge of running the games and creating the images on your display. Don’t pay too much attention to screen resolutions and forget about upgrading your computer hardware. 

If you have a 4K monitor without a strong CPU and GPU, you still experience lags or cannot play the game at all. 

Who Is The 1080p Resolution Suitable For?

As I have mentioned earlier, the greatest advantage of FHD monitors is their lower prices than high-end displays with higher resolutions. 

Therefore if you don’t want to invest too much money on resolution but still want a satisfying and flawless gaming experience, go for the 1080p. 

If you don’t play games and just want to browse the web, study, or work on the computer, a FHD display is more than decent for these tasks. 

The image quality is still sharp and realistic as on 4K or UHD displays. 

Gaming On A FHD monitor

The Difference Between 1080p And 4K Resolution 

The 4K monitors will certainly give you a greater entertainment experience with more excellent image quality. A 4k display contains up to 8 million pixels, which is four times higher than the number on a 1080p model (2 million pixels).

Although the pictures will get clearer and sharper, the difference is not that much. Apart from heavy games with realistic and detailed graphics, it is hard to notice the difference between 4K and 1080p when watching videos or browsing. 

Meanwhile, the FHD monitor only costs 100$ on average, while the number for 4K displays is $300-400. 

A 1080p Monitor
A 1080p Monitor

Final Thoughts

Overall, an FHD display is enough for you to enjoy various games and do the other regular tasks such as browsing or watching videos. We hope that the answer provided in this post can satisfy you. 

Thank you for reading!

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